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Wood Barbecue

Back to the origins

Wood Barbecue Back to the origins Fire has always been the inspiring symbol of conviviality and a lifestyle based on good food. Starting from this idea, we have developed a line of wood-burning BBQ designed to rediscover the pleasure of outdoor cooking and to share beautiful moments in your own outdoor space.

Simple and elegant lines, design and functional objects at the same time. The Wood Barbecue OF outdoorkitchens is all of this. Available in two models for island and for straight line kitchen, it adapts to every space, from a terrace to a garden.

The large surface in stainless steel guarantees homogeneous cooking throughout its area, as well as healthy and natural, without requiring the addition of oils and fats.

The maintenance of the wood-fired BBQ OF outdoorkitchens is particularly simple: for cleaning it is sufficient to cleanse it with a solution of water and vinegar with a still warm plate, using a scraper for the most encrusted parts.

The Wood Barbecue is ideal for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and much more. The only limit will be your imagination.

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