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TECNOZETA S.R.L. is a company specialized in the production and sale of metal furniture for workshops and commercial activities in the engineering sector. The activities are based on sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminium processing, mainly producing working chest of drawers, cabinets with shelves, tool holders, and designing specific and highly customized solutions according to customer requirements.  


The expertise, experience and professionalism of the technical staff has for years guaranteed a high standard of quality, clearly visible in the OFFICINE FANESI brand, which stands out for the singularity of its tailored stainless steel kitchens. The perfect combination of modernity and tradition inspires designers and architects in search of innovative and avant-garde solutions on the international scene. Excellence, custom-made, precious metals and finishes, research and experimentation: these are the keywords that inspire Officine Fanesi and design a new philosophy of space/kitchen.

Officine Fanesi kitchens are made entirely of stainless steel 304 or 316 and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This allowed us to observe a growing demand for outdoor kitchens, sign of an interest not only from architects but also from private individuals used to the immediacy of purchase. The know-how of Officine Fanesi’s modular kitchens has therefore given rise to a more economical product, simple to manage and accessible to everyone: OF outdoorkitchens.

OF outdoorkitchens is a leader in the production of outdoor kitchens, as it introduces a new and revolutionary concept of enjoyment of open spaces. Officine Fanesi’s experience and technology allows it to guarantee, even outside, the modular management of spaces typical of the internal environment.

We are at the heart of all this: an organized and highly specialized team, able to offer Italian and International customers a service that takes care of every detail. We created for you a net of specialists who collaborates with our designers to define the project, the planimetric survey and the resolution of any possible post-sales issues.

We have an international network presence and an eye on the future: social channels and the creation of media shares aims to become a real point of reference for those in Italy, Europe and the World who want to experience a new way of living outdoors.

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